The exhibition and events

See you at Olveston on August 7th @ 5pm.

Stop by, check out the PoARTry exhibition, meet some of the artists, enjoy a nibble and natter.

This free exhibition will be open 10am – 4pm

  Friday 8th August until Sunday, 17th August

in the ‘Drying Room’ Gallery in the Olveston basement.

Entrance off Cobden Street.


PoARTry mailer

May 2014

Olveston conservatory

Olveston conservatory

The exhibition depends on artists having poems to inspire them.

The poems are currently in several piles – COMPLETED, WORK ON, and BIFF! When I feel there are enough in the first pile I’ll start sending them out to the artists.  The exhibition will be held in the drying room at Olveston and the provisional dates are August 7 – 17.  More details as soon as times and other events are confirmed.

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