Tracy Jones

 I’d been working in my writing room for a couple of hours one afternoon and came downstairs to have a wander in the garden. On my way through reception I caught up with Jo and  conversation turned to the upcoming Olveston exhibition.  Jo said  you should talk to Tracy she might be interested. I didn’t know a Tracy on the staff so I wandered along to the staffroom, opened the door, and asked the woman sitting at the table if she was Tracy. And she was so now she is, taking part in the Olveston PoARTry exhibition!  I’ve named all the artists, I’ve met at the big house, my Olveston treasures!

Tracy and I have met several times since that first ‘hello’. I’m very interested in and impressed with her videos, her music and all round artistic talent.

Introducing Tracy


As a musical artist with a varied background, ( classical,indigenous sounds to rock)  I film and create videos, filming a range of subjects.

Simple is beautiful

Simple is beautiful

Natural curiosity has taken me on a creative journey from ceramics to painting to design and now finds expression in the combination of film and music.

Composing intensities

Composing intensities

Composing music and editing film is intense and requires  lengthy focus  at the  screen within  this contemporary computerized world.


How I love to go to my hut by water and paint. (pens, charcoal, paint, pencils , brushes and water.)  It is refreshing and free. I wish I had time to paint more….

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