Rob Piggott

Hi Ruth, (and Ruth’s blog readers),
– Here’s a little up-date about myself, and a few recent photos (as requested from Ruth)…

Two weeks ago I was the invited judge and Guest Artist for the Otago Art Society’s “Abstract Audacity” exhibition at their Art Station Galleries, Dunedin Railway Station. OAS President, Jenny Longstaff, took the two photos of myself…

Rob 1
Prior to hanging the OAS Anderson-Loyd Gallery room with ten works from my ‘Landmarks series.’

Rob 2

Here, presenting the award of recognition for ‘Intuition’ to artist Joy Heazlewood, for her exploratory painting  ‘The Forest Canopy.’  The OAS exhibition continues for a few more days until 25th July.

Rob & Joy Heazlewood

Rob & Joy Heazlewood

As for recent creative work, my ‘school holiday’ has mostly been occupied with the necessity of framing existing pieces done last Summer, mainly the woodcut print series “Peacelight”.

CRW_0954 - Version 2

However I did take the time to respond to Ruth’s poem “Roses by O’Keefe” and have produced two new works on paper titled “ Rose”, and “A Rose dreaming – of being a Lady in Love”.  They’re done in a similar medium to my Landmarks series; which is conte and pastel drawn over watercolour.

Rob 5

“Leaf Ladder, – Huruhuru Whenua” 2013 (Landmarks Series)


Last month I completed a number of ongoing watercolour paintings, some from the ‘Ripple-Land series’.  Here is one of them:

Rob 6

“Copper Earth” watercolour 2014

I’m looking forward to the approaching Olveston exhibition, and grateful to Ruth for inviting me to participate. Then you will see my response to Ruth’s poem, ”Roses by O’Keefe”.

 To see more of Rob’s work navigate here. And if  you would like to read my interview with Rob for the P0ems in the Waiting Room When North Meets South exhibition blog navigate here

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