Pauline Bellamy

I first met Pauline in April 2012 when I broached the idea of her taking part in the When North meets South exhibition and that, was the beginning of our friendship. Pauline and John hosted Poems in the Waiting Room’s When North meets South and Bellamys at Five exhibitions.


Pauline grew up on a farm on the Hauraki Plains. Living so far away from anywhere she entertained herself by drawing, mainly the farm animals. She remembers her mother’s interest in classical music and if there was ever a concert in town she would take the girls.  After leaving school Pauline studied graphic art at Auckland Technical Institute. She then became a commercial artist working for a shoe company drawing shoes as they came off the line – a job now left far behind in this digital age. She reflects that a fine art course would have suited me better but in those days people didn’t understand what it was about. And then after Auckland well Hamilton, for the caving. I had friends who were into caving and I joined them, I just loved it. I used to take my camera down, then come back up with photos which I’d paint from. That really got me into painting.

                                  Alone at Little Glory cove         acrylic on canvas

Early on Pauline took the chance to go to the Kurow Summer Arts Schools – tutors from all over the country took courses. John Parker was a great teacher and made an impression on me – he was terrific, right ‘out of the square’ , an abstract expressionist. I’m mostly self-taught though. Toss Wollaston had a great influence on my work.

Baby talk dry point etching

                                                                       Baby talk                                                   dry point etching

I now work across many disciplines, specializing in dry point etchings.  I’ve also illustrated several books. I divide my time now between studios on the Otago Peninsula and St Bathans in  Central Otago.

Play it again  oil on canvas

                                        Play it again                               oil on canvas

I am interested in capturing body language in my drawings and etchings and the atmospheric qualities of spontaneous printmaking.

If you’d like to read about the latest happenings at Bellamys Gallery pop over here

Careys Bay Hotel drypoint etching

                                                        Careys Bay Hotel               dry point etching

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