Maxine Burney

 Maxine and I have never met but that doesn’t seem to make our conversations any less real.  She is constantly ‘on the go’ with art activities and has recently started attending a writing class. Last week a wonderful email arrived telling me she’d found the winter Poems in the Waiting Room poetry card at her medical centre and she was going to show it to her writing class.

Introducing Maxine

Maxine Burney Portrait 2013 (2)

I describe my art as “a fusion of reality, imagination and interpretation” and as an artist; prolific and passionate. My art studies (both practical and historical), art making & art teaching span over 30 years; all ongoing and fuelling each other.

Working from the freedom & playfulness of the intuition & imagination;

At the end of the Day

At the end of the Day

 to capturing the essence of a landscape, organic form


Harmless   (selected for entry to Parkin Drawing Prize, NZ Academy of Fine Arts, July-Aug 2014)

 or personal portrait; to telling a story infused with symbolism

In the Gardens

In the Gardens

through nature or figurative

Passing Through   pastel Maxine Burney

Passing Through


all spark my creative energy. Travel gives me a lot of inspiration for my work; also, to see how different cultures express their realities and identities through art; as much as to give me new experiences and visuals to fuel my own art making.

I have been exhibiting locally and nationally for many years. This included 14 years of happily running my own Studio/Gallery, The Artist’s Palette at The Christchurch Arts Centre, coming to an abrupt end with the earthquakes. Currently I work from my home studio and also teach part-time community classes.

Ruth’s poem “The Writers Room” felt perfect for my newly finished pastel “Lighting Dark Spaces”.

You can see a selection of some of my other work here


1 Response to Maxine Burney

  1. Maureen burney says:

    Have always enjoyed Maxine’s work,I especially enjoyed seeing the organic one.

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