Janie Porter

Janie Porter played a special part in last year’s Bellamys at Five exhibition. When it came time to pack up the unsold work Janie asked me to gift hers to somewhere special in Dunedin. My first thought was the Otago Community Hospice so with Billy Collins’ approval and to Ginny Green’s immense delight, Janie’s painting and Billy’s poem now decorate one of the walls at the hospice. Janie’s painting was a response to Billy’s poem, Today.  Janie noted that Billy had changed the poem from the original version so we’ve had ‘question and answer’ emails back, forth, up and down between the three of us.

I’m really pleased to have Janie taking part in PoARTry @ Olveston.  Look out for Janie again in my October exhibition, A Palette of Poetry.

Janie  lives in Canterbury in view of the mountains, between the estuary and the sea. In her opinion paintings have a story to tell, so she has loved getting involved with the poetry and art movement in Dunedin.

See more of Janie’s work here

janie porter

Janie at work

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