Annie Lambourne

Annie catAnnie is another artist I  ‘found’ while wandering around art sites on the internet. When I wrote inviting her to take part in the Olveston exhibition she replied she was 100% keen. Later I received an email asking me if she could produce sculptures for the exhibition or was it just paintings. I assured her sculptures would be perfect as we already had another ‘off the wall’ artist.

Introducing Annie


Annie Lambourne’s formal training was at High Wycombe College of Art, in Buckinghamshire England. She took a hiatus of twenty one years to pursue a nursing career and raise a family. On emigrating to New Zealand she decided to return again to her artistic roots.

Annie rooster
In the preceding three years since then she has been very successful, winning several eminent awards and appearing as Guest Artist in many prestigious Galleries.

Annie horseCurrently her work can be seen throughout the Canterbury region, with many of her artworks, including sculptures, at the Art Asylum Gallery at 29 Grey Road, Timaru.

Annie cat2

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