Allan McMorran

Whenever The Otago Art Society advertises a new exhibition we wander on down to Dunedin’s Railway Station. What? There is a connection, just give me a minute.  The Art Society’s home is on the first floor of the Railway Station. It’s a wonderful space and well positioned to attract tourists who come to admire this stunning building.

So what has this to do with Allan McMorran? I’m getting there, truly. While viewing an exhibition earlier this year I admired Allan’s artwork.  I came home, searched for him on the internet and sent an email away asking him if he was an artist and did he have work in the Art Society’s exhibition? And so a connection was made. Allan’s Olveston art work is finished so I’m looking forward to meeting him when he drops it off.

Introducing Allan

Allan McM

Allan has been a member of the Otago Art Society since 2009. His medium is watercolour, painting mainly New Zealand landscapes and seascapes.

18050243326DD28F9918050246627BA4D594180502469534BBB297Allan has exhibited on many occasions at the Art Society and has sold a number of original works along with a number of post card prints of his works. Allan has learnt under the guidance of recognised artists such as Elaine Knight, Tony Shields and currently Ron Esplin.


What Allan hasn’t mentioned is that he won the Mollie and John Pledger Award at the current Art Society Exhibition. We saw the winning artwork this morning and it is a very deserved award.

From St Martins Island

From St Martins Island

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