Finishing on a high

The final PoARTry@Olveston event was the Questions and Artists session chaired by Janet de Wagt. Take a look at the pensive, thoughtful looks on faces and you’ll realise Janet posed some interesting questions. They were ably answered by the panel – Pauline Bellamy,  Anna Reid, Kiri Mitchell, Jenny Longstaff, Rob Piggott and Peter Gregory.

Questions and Artists

Questions and Artists

One curly question – What would you do if you won Lotto? 

The answers ranged from, buy better art equipment, build warm comfortable  2 bedroom apartments for solo parents, form a political party and overthrow the government, give some away, give up work and concentrate on art…….

And no, I’m not identifying who made which comment!

The afternoon concluded with afternoon tea (scones, jam and cream) once again provided by my good friend Elspeth. Many thanks to Janet and the artists for coming along and making the final event such a success. Special thanks to Jenny Longstaff for her invaluable help, prior to, and throughout the exhibition.

If you’re interested in following the 2014 Poems in the Waiting Room exhibition, A Palette of Poetry, you might like to keep an eye on this  blog.

Thanks for stopping by.


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