The exhibition is almost over

Only two more days until the PoARTry @ Olveston exhibition finishes so if you haven’t visited yet get yourself along to the Drying Room Gallery (in the basement of Olveston) between 10 and 4 tomorrow or Sunday.

Olveston whispers



Olveston whispers1










Pauline Bellamy has taken a children’s verse I’d written about Olveston, Olveston Whispers, and created a booklet with my verse and her illustrations. It’s on sale in the Gallery and is suitable for adults or children. The illustrations are classic!

Rob PiggottRob Piggott created two artworks in response to my poem, Roses by O’Keeffe. Come along to the Gallery and find the other work. We’ve separated them so there’s no competition between the two – they each deserve their own space. And it’s about 50-50 at the moment in the ‘liking’ stakes which will interest Rob. I wonder if he thought one would have attracted more interest than the other? I’ll have to ask him when he appears on Sunday at the very last event, Questions and Answers.  Janet de Wagt will be talking to some of the local artists about their works, the poem they chose and other arty questions… from 1.30 on Sunday in the Drying Room Gallery at Olveston. This is a free event but phone Olveston 477 33 20 to reserve a seat.

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