Another sampling

It was very quiet in the Gallery today – I think I had more visits from Olveston staff than the public. I’ve always got writing to work on and with Anthony Ritchie’s Expressions playing  in the background I was very content. Barry usually arrives mid morning with a very welcome hot chocolate or a snack so I’m set for the day.

annaI took this photo in a back room before I moved Annie Lambourne’s sculpture into the Gallery.  Using kitchen utensils Annie has created this amazing sculpture in response to a poem I wrote called, Olveston!  Well there had to be a poem by that name didn’t there! And staying with the kitchen theme ……..

sheryl………here is Sheryl McCammon’s response to a poem I wrote about the kitchen utensils and canisters. There is a shelf in the Olveston scullery which looks exactly like this. Sheryl’s attention to detail is amazing; the printing on the canisters, the shading and she’s even noted the slight rusting on some of the tins.  And talking of noting…….

…..below is Allan McMorran’s clever response to my poem, A note from the Steinway.

alan piano

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3 Responses to Another sampling

  1. Peter says:

    Ahhh quiet winter days! I hope you can stay warm in the basement with the chilly day outside! It is wonderful being able to be reminded of the artwork by also seeing it on the blog like this. I’m missing your poetry though, as there would have been no exhibition without it…, and how well the artwork and the poetry danced together in the laundry room! How about a line or two??? 🙂 Pxx

  2. Peter says:

    I hope they buy it too, the book is really lovely!

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