A sampling from the Gallery

Dutch girl knitting a sock


Dunedin artist Kiri Mitchell’s wonderful response to my poem Dutch Girl knitting a sock which was my response to the Olveston painting Dutch Girl by Jenny Wimperis.


          Dutch girl knitting a sock

Our mother never wore clogs or clothes
other than those appropriate
for a minister’s wife.

But she knitted
aran and fair isle jerseys, cardigans,
jackets, hats, mittens, gloves,
and balaclavas.

And she knitted
test patterns, wool shop samples, and
40 years of socks, 4ply grey,
for our father.

Even when
her fingers were rheumatism knotted
she knitted baby shawls, hooded
jackets, toddlers’ jumpers.

After she died
our father shunned shop socks,
and quietly taught himself to darn.

I was still working on this poem when my father died so he never got to read it. But I can imagine his reaction to the artwork. He would have shaken his head in wonderment at the talent and been ever so quietly ‘chuffed’.  Thank you Kiri, it’s a very special addition to the exhibition.

3.00pmJenny Longstaff’s wonderful response (photography/digital graphic) to the poem Olveston afternoon which opens with the verse

3 o’clock St Hilda giggles, shrieks and mumbles
filter through the hedge. And they’re so positive,
everything is like, he said, like I know, like, like.



Peter Gregory’s blue flower bowl (porcelain with crystalline glaze) created in response to my poem about the Flowers @ Home exhibition.

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