A snowy day at the Drying Room Gallery

Olveston in the snow

OK I admit it, the footprints are mine. There was no one about so I had a bit of a dance in the snow!

 I turned up at the Gallery this morning in layers and layers of clothing and my snow boots. They were the first item to be discarded and left to dry in the Drying Room Gallery, of course.

It was quiet because Olveston is on the hill and the hills were no go today for vehicles. The upstairs Olveston staff kept popping down for chats and I welcomed their company. A Dunedin couple and their Nelson friends called in after they completed a tour of Olveston. They were something special – enthusiastic, happy, interested in everything, even asking me where I slept during my residency! I had to explain it was a residency in name only and I actually slept at  home.  Then the lovely Nelson lady and I discovered we had both attended South Otago High School – although we hadn’t met as there was a small age difference of 20 years! They enjoyed my poems and were calling out to each other, come and look at this one would you, and had a roar of laughter over Roses by O’Keeffe. This was my response to the painting, of the same name, which hangs at the bottom of the stairs leading up from the Great Hall.

Roses by O’Keeffe

the proprieties
with a batch of nudes.

an outcry,
he returned to roses,
but they too dropped their petals,
another disrobing.

Showing the way

And just in case visitors can’t find the Drying Room Gallery in the basement I’ve made these signs ( wooden posts courtesy of my good friend John Bellamy) to guide you down the garden path.

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