The Opening

the opening2

The Gallery really was the Theomin’s drying room – the pulleys are still in place!

The day is nearly over and it’s been a long one. Within half an hour of arriving at Olveston this morning a camera man and reporter arrived from Channel 39. I’m not fond of cameras and I’m definitely not comfortable talking in front of them so I was pleased I had little warning and panic didn’t have time to settle in!

theopening6With Jenny organising the kitchen and food and Barry and Elspeth on dishes and replenishing food I had a wonderful carefree time at the opening, chatting to people, meeting one of the artists for the first time, and generally enjoying the evening.

Peter Gregory's vases and the exhibition book

Peter Gregory’s vases and the exhibition book

Sunday afternoon is going to be a real treat. Terry MacTavish called in tonight, on her way home from Parent Teacher interviews, with news of Sunday’s line-up….

My Readers are Louise Petherbridge, John Watson, Joan MacDonald, Katrina Selbie, Heike Cebulla-Elder, and some of my Tempest girls (Sarah Latta, Johanna Leach, Amber Little ) with maybe Kameron Crozier from Kings.  My mother Shona is doing a guest spot for the Vase poem!

If you want to come along, ring Olveston  477 3320, and book a seat. It’s free and it’s going to be a wonderful afternoon.

Peter's pot

Hellebores from my garden looking very content at Olveston in a Peter Gregory vase

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