The Steinway sings


If there are any pianists in a tour group they’re frequently invited to play the Steinway before they leave the drawing-room and continue on upstairs. Today the pianist was playing for ages so I popped downstairs to ask Astrid what was going on as this pianist must be holding up the whole group.  She told me he wasn’t in a group he’d made arrangements to come in today to play the piano.  I waited until he stopped and then introduced myself to Pascal Harris. I kept our conversation short as I wanted him to carry on playing. When the Steinway is played the atmosphere in the house changes – the house comes alive and you can almost believe it’s breathing! Pascal has just returned to Dunedin after being away for several years. If anyone is looking for an accompanist or a piano teacher get in touch with me and I’ll give you Pascal’s number.

I dropped some PoARTry @ Olveston posters at a couple of schools last week and was pleased to hear today that one school has already made a booking to tour  Olveston and then they want to come on down to the Gallery afterwards to see the artworks, and the poems too!

If any other schools are interested in bringing a class or several classes to  Olveston for the exhibition, for a tour, or combining the two,  just ring Olveston – 477 3320 – to arrange a date.


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