PoARTry @ Olveston – the book

I’ve got the proof of PoARTry @ Olveston back from the printer. On Monday I’ll call in and give him the go ahead to print. It’s a beautiful little book – 53 pages of poems,  photographs of the artworks in the exhibition, and photographs taken at Olveston.

All profits from the sale of the book will go towards printing costs of the poetry cards, Poems in the Waiting Room.

         table setting downsized

These photos aren’t appearing in the book but
this poem is.


The dinner table is silent, it’s set and waiting
for diners to take their place.

But there’s no butler, no housemaids, no cook
in the kitchen, no coal in the range.

The billiard room is hushed, the balls are waiting
for gentlemen to take the cue.

But there’s no smoke, no laughter, no settee audience,
no gossip from the card room.

Dorothy’s tea tray is prepared, cups, saucers
and serviettes for two.

But there’s no tea in the pot, no water in the jug,
no mountaineering chatter.

Edward’s watch ticks bedside, his brush lies
on the dresser, his bed warmer waits.

But there are no fireside slippers, no ties slung
over his chair, no shoes under his bed.

The gong is motionless, the radiogram is silent,
only the clocks are still talking.


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