“My” artists all came on board this project with blind faith because when I first approached them, there were no poems. So then the onus was on me to provide them with a selection of poems to choose from. And they’ve all been such good sports. A couple of times I sent heart stopping emails – have you started yet, because I’ve changed the poem, a lot!

Olveston artists

“My” wonderfully talented Olveston artists

July 10 has been imprinted on my mind for some time.  It was the deadline date I set for the artists to get their work or photographs of their work to me.  After a couple of panicky emails from me, they all arrived. I’m totally amazed at the standard and variety of work produced in such a short time.

The writer'r room

A glimpse of the writer’s room

And now there’s another deadline and I’m the one racing to meet it. The exhibition booklet –   PoARTry @ Olveston – has to be at the printers in a week. So I have a feeling there may be a few late nights in our household. Luckily my friend Jenny has worked in the industry so I’ve called on her to work her magic on the design and layout of the booklet.  I’ve already warned her there are some poems where order is paramount. If she can cope with that, I’m quite flexible with the others!


My window! Not having a window view was of no consequence. When I wanted a break I’d wander around the house or the grounds.

I’ve asked the printer to quote me for 100 copies so once he comes back with a figure I’ll let you know how much the booklet will be selling for.  It will have 30 odd poems, not odd as in ‘odd’  you realise, well I hope not. You’ll have to buy it and judge for yourself!  Photographs of the artworks which were inspired by the poems will accompany the text. And because there were more poems than artists the ‘unchosen’ will have an appropriate Olveston photo to keep them company.

Once the book is with the printer I can concentrate on the other events. Details of the Poetry reading and the Questions & Artists events will be posted here soon.

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