Reversing poems

Reception collageI spent the afternoon at Olveston working and reworking a couple of poems. They weren’t  cooperating so I headed downstairs and out into the garden to give my head an airing! I was determined to finish these poems despite their resistance. I sat outside, listened to the weather changing, and watched the storm clouds gathering. I’d only just entered the conservatory when it broke. No, not the conservatory, the storm!

Greenhouse collage

Captured in the conservatory this afternoon

While I was looking at the plants I decided I should go back and tackle both poems from a new angle. Maybe rearrange the verses, maybe start again, maybe if I read them out loud I’d hear where they were stumbling.

Greenhouse collage2By this time the wind was roaring and rain was pelting down so I raced indoors, climbed the stairs and set to work again. One poem very happily settled down once I reversed her.  But the reading aloud idea wasn’t going to happen today. I would have had to roar to hear myself above the storm. Besides there was a tour group in the house, a loud voice coming from behind a door in a roped off area would have been slightly disconcerting.

Nearing the end of autumn

Nearing the end of autumn

And the other poem? Well we had a falling out. I’ve decided to leave her for a week, tackle her again when it’s winter.

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