Edwardian Cuisine Tour


Brian Turner, Cilla McQueen, Bernadette Hall, Emma Neale

Dunedin is buzzing this weekend with the Writers and Readers Festival in full flow. This morning while we were listening to Dear Charles, Dear Janet the bag pipes could be heard in the background. It wasn’t intrusive but just a reminder that a graduation ceremony was about to take place in the Town Hall. The events just rolled on one after the other so there wasn’t much time to chat between them. Dear Charles, Dear Janet was packed, Line Up! was sold out. Emma Neale was a very eloquent chair for Line Up! which featured readings by Bernadette Hall, Brian Turner, Owen Marshall, Cilla McQueen, and Vincent O’Sullivan.

Edwardian cuisine ladies

The lovely ladies taking the Edwardian cuisine tour

I did manage to nip up to Olveston for ten minutes and just caught the Edwardian Cuisine Tour coming out of the Butlers’ Pantry on their way to see the Dining Room. Then I went downstairs to see the preparations for a cooking demonstration and tables set up for afternoon tea  before heading back to the Festival.

Edwardian cuisine tour 1

All ready for a cooking demonstration

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