Sculpture Exhibition

In association with the Otago Sculpture Trust, Olveston is hosting an exhibition of sculptures by prominent New Zealand artists. Inspired by the Theomin Family, the house and the collection, the artists included in the exhibition present works which respond to site.

Thursday, 17 April – Sunday, 11 May

Free entry


Artists included in the exhibition include:Lawrie Forbes , Stuart Griffiths, Nicola Jackson , Bryn Jones, Morgan Jones , Peter Mason, Pam McKelvey, Peter Nicholls, Mike O’Kane, Philippa Wilson and Rudie Verhoef.

I met Peter Mason this morning to have a chat about his Olveston installation. In 1967 his Dad was responsible for designing and building the new door and portico for what is now the entrance to the reception area.

At the time there was no seasoned oak available in New Zealand, similar to that which was used when the house was built, but word on the grapevine said there was suitable timber in Japan. So Peter says the NZ government wrote to the Emperor asking him to release the timber for this purpose. It arrived in Dunedin in  7 foot long  4 x 2s. At 8 pounds a foot it was worth 3000.00 pounds.

The doors

Top left – the original main door. Bottom left – the replica David Mason built. On the right Peter Mason with his sculpture – his updated version of the original door.

Olveston Sculptures 2

I’m not giving too much away here – you’ll need to visit to get the full picture!

Olveston Sculptures

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