Thursday at Olveston

I’ve got the layout of the house pretty much sussed now and can nip in and out of rooms before and after tour groups so I’m not a distraction! But I’m still working my way around the best approach to my time here. There is so much to write about and I tend to become easily diverted by wanting to know the background to objects and that seems to result in yet another unexpected diversion.

When I need to stretch my legs I have a wander around the garden. There’s always something new to discover like this interesting planting design.

garden shape

This morning I enjoyed a quick chat with Joy, one of the housekeepers. After spending her  working day, dusting, vacuuming, changing light bulbs, and ensuring the house is spotless  you can guess that housework is not one of her priorities when she gets home at night!

a spades a spade

Call in sometime to see the sculpture exhibition. It’s on from Thursday, 17 April – Sunday, 11 May.

Many years ago I was a chambermaid in Egham at Great Fosters.  After attending to guests’ rooms we polished the hall furniture, we polished the stair banisters, we polished furniture in all the public areas until all we could smell was polish, even after our day’s work was over!

I was interested to know why I’ve never picked up a whiff of polish at Olveston and yet the place is gleaming. Joy told me they use a special ‘museum’ type oil which is far better for the furniture than applying layers of polish.

Just to show I was at work before 10.30 this morning!

Just to show I was at work before 10.30 this morning!

Between garden wandering and talking to Joy I did settle down and write this morning! Tomorrow is a work work as opposed to a writing work day so I won’t be back at Olveston until the weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing all the floral arrangements from the Flowers @ Home exhibition

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